Internal Quotation Calculator

Don't want to provide instant quotes through your website?

Law Firms are now required to publish prices for certain legal services - therefore if you are law firm using a fee estimate tool you should use our Instant Quote Calculator and Transparency Compliance Tool.

If your regulator does not require you to publish prices upfront (or you are not regulated) you could add a quotation form to your website to capture quote enquiries and not display the resulting quote using our Internal Quotation Calculator.

Quotes are still generated automatically but only your customer service team can see them. Your team are then free to email the quote to the client, or call the client to give them the quote over the phone.

This solution is well suited to firms who aren't comfortable publishing their prices through their website (though this will become a regulatory requirement next year).

Try a demo of our Internal Quotation Calculator below, or try our Instant Quotation Calculator here.

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