QuoteXpress Fee Schedule

Effective: 17th March 2022

Annual Billing Discount

We offer one month free of charge (12 months for the price of 11) for annual billing. The discount is calculated during the registration process.

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To find out more about our panel management services and to get a quote in the Panel Management section.

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Two areas of law from the list below: £250+VAT per month

Each additional Area of Law: + £249+VAT per month

Area of LawWork Types
Residential Conveyancing (England & Wales)Sale, Purchase, Equity Transfer, Remortgage, Cashback Remortgage, Lease Extension
Commercial Conveyancing (England & Wales)Sale, Purchase
Residential Conveyancing (Scotland)Sale, Purchase
EstatesWills, Estate Administration, Grant of Probate, Lasting Power of Attorney
FamilyCohabitation Agreement, Postnuptial Agreement, Prenuptial Agreement, Separation Agreement, Uncontested Divorce (Petitioner/Respondent)
Other ServicesChange of Name Deed, Statutory Declaration

Third Party Introductions

This feature enables you to provide staff at companies outside of your firm with the ability to introduce new business to you through the platform.

Fee: £500+VAT per month

Variable Costs

If these services are used they are charged to you on a monthly basis.

  • SMS (Short Message System) Messages
    • Sending an SMS through the platform: £0.05 +VAT per 160 characters
    • Receiving an SMS through the platform: £0.02 +VAT per 160 characters

One Off Costs

Additional costs that may be incurred through written agreement.

All Customers
  • Custom Branding: £150 + VAT
  • Adding an embeddable form to your website: £50 + VAT
  • Consultancy Work: £75 + VAT/hour
  • Development: £75 + VAT/hour
Additional Costs for Panel Manager Customers

The QuoteXpress platform makes it easy for you to manage all standard panel management functions yourself, without our support. If you would like us to complete any tasks on your behalf, these will be charged at our System Admin rate:

  • System Admin: £50 + VAT/hour


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