The first fully automated chatbot for providing conveyancing quotes to customers

Our service is the first service of its kind to deliver conveyancing quotes directly to consumers through the communication channels that they already know and love (such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram and SMS).

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Conveybot improves upon the impersonal nature of traditional conveyancing quote forms

Conveybot allows law firms to build rapport with potential clients through automated instant messaging.

Conveybot starts a dialogue with consumers and guides them through the process of getting a conveyancing quote completely automatically. Rather than the process being over, Conveybot can continue the conversation.

Conveyancers can add their own FAQ’s to Conveybot’s knowledge base, allowing it to answer questions most commonly asked about quotes, and guide the customer towards instructing the law firm automatically.

All conversation history can be viewed through the QuoteXpress platform. Conversations can be passed from Conveybot to the customer service team (and back) at any time.

Conveybot allows law firms to shift their resources from providing quotes and following them up, to taking instructions.

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