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QuoteXpress offers two solutions to help you meet regulatory requirements.

1 Transparency Compliance Tool

Collate and display price and service information easily

Our free price and service transparency website plugin allows you to comply with the transparency regulations easily.

Use our pre-prepared content, derived from regulator-provided templates, to quickly publish pricing and service information to your website.

All areas of law where transparency has been mandated are supported by this free-to-use tool.

2Instant Quote Calculator

Accurate, bespoke quotations.

Our quotation website plugin allows you to generate and manage your own private work directly, and comply with the regulations and guidance published by regulators.

When you are ready to offer live quotations, replace our transparency templates with the intelligent QuoteXpress quote generator.

As your business grows, QuoteXpress is ready to grow with you - work directly with 3rd party referrers and take back control of your work generation.

View the live preview of our Transparency Compliance Tool.

Get an example quote in our live preview of our Instant Quote Calculator.

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